Nigeria our Heritage

Nigeria Our Heritage: A positive perception platform for Nigeria previously lunched at the Kennedy Centre DC in 2014. Whose aim is to utilize the people, place, history and culture of Nigeria to change Nigeria’s global perception. NOH uses aggressive marketing strategy to deploy unique products and programmes to achieve its aim. Since the lunch of NOH, the Grade book was designed and over 2000 copies have been printed and sold. Other memories and memorabilia are also underway.

The Folio Post

The Folio Post which is a digital platform aims to generate and share information in an entertaining way. It’s core functionalities are news, social media, entertainment, online magazine, archives, TV and radio.

Nigeria our Heritage

DT Now: Focuses on what is trending now in the “Afro Culture” life style. Entertainment industry through movies. African event coverage and talk shows.

The Folio TV

Folio Interactive Network: Designs and produces devices that disseminates information. The first product is the Folio mobile TV(Folio X).

The National Conversation Nigeria

NatConvo: National dialogue within societies / communities on current topics and interest within the fields of the afro and pop culture.


Sanaa: A quarterly digital and print magazine that looks at the business of the creative industry with a focus on sights, arts and design. The magazine will be launched during the Africa Creative Trade Platform(ACTP) as part of the Intra Africa Trade Fair(IATF) to be held December 2018 in Cairo.

Avant Garde Africa

A quarterly fashion magazine with celebrity gist.